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Swiss Modern 

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Perfect for home cooking. Wear-resistant steel blade and walnut wood handle. Perfect to slice bread but works well also to cut iceberg lettuce, melon, meat, pine apple. An all-rounder. Blade length: 22 cm.

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Swiss Modern Santoku Knife is an efficient tool for the kitchen. You slice easily through meat, fruit and vegetables. The blade has a specially fluted edge to reduce friction and thus prevent food sticking to the blade. The handle is made of European walnut. Blade length: 17 cm.

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Made for cutting meat in a table setting.  Wear-resistant steel blades and walnut wood handles.

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 Wear-resistant steel blade and walnut wood handle. Suitable for home cooking. Versatile chef's knife that's designed to multitask; expertly chop, mince, slice, and dice. The blade offers maneuverability making it  suited for precise cuts, while the width of the blade provides strength needed for larger tasks, like peeling a pineapple. Overall length: 29...

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Wear-resistant steel blade and walnut wood handle. As the ultimate tool for the kitchen’s bigger cutting tasks, the Swiss Modern Carving Knife cuts effortlessly through every type of food, slicing, dicing even large cuts of meat, fruit and vegetables. Handle made of walnut wood. Overall length: 35,5 cm, blade: 22 cm, blade width: 4 cm, blade thickness: 2...

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