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List of products by manufacturer VacuVin

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Extracts all corks from the bottle in one smooth and perfect vertical motion. The patented lever mechanism makes this a unique corkscrew, comfortable in use. The grip contains a foil cutter and crown cap opener. Opening wine bottles is a pleasure with this premium corkscrew.

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Chills your champagne or sparkling wine quickly within 15 minutes and keeps it cool until the last sip. The flexible cooling sleeve has insulating properties and fits tightly around the bottle. Keep the Active Cooler in the freezer to enjoy a cold drink anytime! The flexible champagne cooler sleeve is designed to fit tightly around your 0,7-1 l champagne...

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22,90 € Tax included

Preserves your wine under vacuum and makes it last. Creates a vacuum to slow down the oxidation process to store wine for a longer period of time. Makes a ”click” sound when optimum vacuum is reached.

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8,60 € Tax included

With the Vacu Vin Wine Server Crystal you can serve your wine without dripping. Its pouring edge catches drops and flows them back into the bottle. The improved rubber seal ensures a perfect fit in almost every cork and screw top bottle. The Wine Server’s smart and lightweight design, make it easy to use and store. Its high-quality material makes it a...

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With 4 knives this foil cutter neatly removes the capsule of wine bottles. Includes a special holder for the extracted cork.

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Helps you measure the right amount of liquor for your cocktail. The larger side measures 30 ml / 1 fl.oz. and the smaller side measures 15 ml / 0.5 fl.oz. Create your favourite cocktails!

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Bruises or grinds ingredients such as mint and lime for cocktails. The cap of the muddler is made of plastic which allows you to bruise or grind ingredients directly into the glass without damaging it. Create your favourite cocktails!

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36,90 € Tax included

The  Tomorrow Kitchen Instant Marinator makes marinating quick and easy.  Simply place the Vacuum Pump (included) on the rubber stopper, pump to remove air, open the pours of the meat and draw the marinade in.  Height: 27,3 cm, length: 11,4 cm, width: 27,3 cm, weight: 1 kg. Volume 2,5 litres.

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Opens wine bottles in style while having a firm grip. Extracts corks with little effort by moving the lever up and down.

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