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All knives from Victorinox 

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Moomin picnic knifeset, 3 pieces.

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 The set contains 3 knives: 5.0403; 5.0603 and 5.0833. Handle material: polypropylene 

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Victorinox Swibo Chefs Carving Knife has a stiff 21cm high carbon stainless steel blade with yellow colored polyamid handle. They are comfortable and non-slip, with no micro-pores or cracks for hygiene and sterilisation purposes as well as dishwasher safe for easy day to day use. The blade is 21 cm made of polished high grade stainless steel.

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Swiss Classic Utility Knives with serrated blade and ergonomic handle of polypropylene. Blade 10 cm.

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Victorinox peeler with double edge serrated blade. Handle yellow polypropylene.  Peels tomatoes and kiwi with precision. Length: 165 mm, weigth: 18 g

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The peeler is made of plastic with a stainless steel serrated blade. Tomatoes and kiwi can be peeled easily. The combination of plastic and stainless steel allows for the peeler to go into the dishwasher safely. Blade width, 42 mm, total length: 140 mm, weight: 24 g. 

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Boning knife with short and stiff blade, length 10 cm. Fibrox non-slip handle.

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Boning knife with short 10 cm blade. Swibo handle, non-slip even when wet. Blade highest quality stainless steel, very sharp and permanent cut.  The blade curved, slim and narrow.

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Boning knife with curved and narrow blade, length: 12 cm. Non-slip Fibrox handle.

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Boning knife, curved, narrow, semi-flexible blade, length 13 cm. Non-slip polyamid Swibo handle.

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Swibo boning knife with wide 16 cm blade. Swibo polyamide non-slip handle.

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Swibo boning knife with flexible and narrow blade, length 16 cm.

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Boning Knife with black Fibrox® Pro slip resistant handle. The blade is high carbon steel, curved, Super-Flexible and narrow. Blade length is 15 cm. 

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A boning knife with straigth and stiff 15 cm blade, black Fibrox non-slip handle.

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Out of stock
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Perfect for home cooking. Wear-resistant steel blade and walnut wood handle.

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Bread Knife with Ultra-Sharp Wavy Edge, blade 21 cm. Perfect for cutting loaves of bread and rolls. 

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Sahateräinen leipäveitsi. Erittäin tukeva terä ja leipäveitselle ominainen suora leikkuusärmä.

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Victorinox Butchers knife with wide 18 cm blade. Ergonomic non-slip Fibrox handle, 

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