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Kitchen Equipment 

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Tw o tools in one; one end a spoon and the other end tweezers.  Use for plating and tasting. Two sizes: 17 cm  length or 37 cm. Weight: 38 g and 105 g.

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Victorinox Scraper, offset blade length 16 cm. Black polypropylene handle. 

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With the Chef'n Pull'n Slice Box Mandoline you slice safely and quickly directly into the attached box. The mandoline comes with 4 blades: 1) slicer 1,5 mm 2) slicer 3 mm 3) waffle bladedeck 4) julienne blade deck. Protective guard keeps hands away from blade. Blade decks stack neatly inside for easy storage. Size: length: 28,6 cm, width: 11,2 cm, height:...

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A pallette spatula with flexible blade. Handle made of polyprpylene, colour: black  Overall length: 25,2 cm, blade: 15 cm, blade width: 2,7 cm, weight: 40g.

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 Surface glide technology, the first technological development in graters for over 20 years. Unique grooved grating surface. Grooved pattern is spread evenly across face of the grating surface. Reduces resistance making grating effortless. Elongates the length of each individual blade so it has a larger cutting surface. Non-slip grip handles and ends...

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T his dual grater combines two grating surfaces in one unit: Fine for citrus zest, parmesan, cinnamon etc. ; Coarse for soft cheeses and vegetables.  Surface Glide Technology has a grooved grating surface that allows you to grate more with less effort. Length: 35,6 cm, width: 4 cm, weight: 100 g.

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Cuisipro SGT™ Grater, coarse stainless steel blade, includes cover, dishwasher safe, handheld, polypropylene. Length: 29,8 cm, width: 4,5 cm.

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Eco and blade friendly cutting board exclusively made by Epicurean. Simple and smooth, and with a circular hole for hanging, its creation in environmentally friendly wood fiber exhibits the Victorinox commitment to creating products with a sustainable edge. A practical board that doesn’t dull knives, our allrounder can also be used as a trivet, making it...

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Dorre Ruth kitchen tool rack for four items. Height: 37 cm.

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 Cutting Board Arcos of cellulose fibre and resin, black in a box. The board is smooth and it has a juice groove Size 37,7 x 27,7 cm, thickness: 6,5 mm, weight: 914 g.

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Slate tray of stylish slate. 4 pads underneath. Size: 20 x 15 x 0,5 cm.

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Ideal for baking crusty breads. Size : 33 x 38 cm - 4 loaves. Metal pan with non-stick coating. Perforated for a crisp golden crust. Oven safe to +230°C. Hand washing recommended

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With the hamburgermaker you make easily and quickly a compact beef of the Quarter pounder size.

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Dorre Grad digital roast thermometer with touch screen.

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 This Ultra Sharp grater is made from high quality Stainless Steel, to ensure durability and longevity. With this tool, you can easily zest lemons, limes, oranges and grate any kind of cheese. Suitable for Fruit, Ginger, Nut, Spice, Vegetable, and Potatoes. Length: 39 cm, width: 4 cm.

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Scrubbing gloves make it easy to clean potatoes, vegetables, fruits, fish and other foods, and cleaning out pumpkins. The gloves  provide a solid grip and perfect scrubbing and cleaning ability. Scrub with water.

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This spatula has a broad, flat, flexible blade, available bladelengths 16, 21 and 26 cm. It is used to mix, spread and lift all kinds of food and baking items.

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 Set of 3 Arcos cutting boards: 1) 24x14 cm, 2) 33x23 cm, 3) 37,7x27,7 cm. 

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Robust and resistant blade made of high quality stainless steel X20 Cr13. Mirror polished blade for easy spreading and to avoid rustFlexible blade for a precise spreading work. Ergonomic handle made of polyamid reinforced with fiberglass. Anti-slip carbon fiber texture. Good grip with slot for the thumb and finger stopper.Dishwasher safe.  Length: 29,5...

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