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JN Veitsikauppa Oy

Laitefix was founded in the beginning of 2010. At first, the main focus of the company was to sharpen kitchen knifes and fix kitchen appliances for catering kitchens and restaurants. Since 2017 we continued our business as a limited company and we changed our name to JN Veitsikauppa Oy.

When we serve the kitchen professionals, we get to know what kind of equipment they use. We have sharpened thousands of knives per year and because of that we know how a good knife looks and feels. As a result, we started importing Giesser knives in 2016. 

The company has also been very satisfied with the effective SharpX knife sharpening machine which they have been using and it led to importing SharpX products in 2016.

With online store we can now offer our products to customers all over the country.

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