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JN Veitsikauppa Oy

Business began  1.1. 2010 under the business name Laitefix. Initially the operation included sharpening and repair service to commercial kitchens as well as kitchens of lunch restaurants, schools, hospitals and rest homes. The online sales of knives began in 2016. Since the beginning of 2017 operations continued as a limited company under the name JN Veisikauppa Oy. The online sales has grown and now it accounts for the majority of turnover.

The selection of knives is comprehensive and our stock includes a knife for both home chefs and professional chefs. Even the most demanding customer will also find his knife in our selection.

We store all the leading knife brands. We import German Giesser knives as well as two Japanese knife brands: Kanetsune Seki and Suncraft.

Kitchen utensils have been added to the range, for example graters, vegetable slicers, frying pans, cutting boards cutlery, beverage utensils and so on.

We supply t both companies and individual consumers.

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