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Terms of Service

JN Veitsikauppa Oy General Terms and Conditions. By using this site you agree to these terms and conditions.

General terms

The user agrees to use online store in accordance with the instructions. The user will be responsible of providing truthful information and to report without delay any inaccurate information. JN Veitsikauppa Oy has the right to modify, update and correct the content of online store and / or the rules without prior notice to users. The user agrees to check the terms of service regularly and you will be deemed to have accepted the terms if he continues to use after the changes. JN Veitsikauppa Oy may, if necessary, refuse the customer. Wrongdoing always reported to the authorities.

JN Veitsikauppa Oy is responsible for the online store be presented with all the content and that the content is in accordance with the laws of Finland. JN Veitsikauppa Oy is not liable available via the links in the sites or pages have the information. JN Veitsikauppa Oy has the responsibility for the proper preservation of customer data. Practices related to customer register can be found in more detail in  privacy policy .

All online store located in image and text material are JN Veitsikauppa Oy and / or its affiliates in the property. Image and unauthorized use or copying of text material is prohibited.

Sending material

When sending data with the offer form, you accept the following terms and conditions:

  1.     You warrant that the material is not anything illegal or otherwise unfit for publication.
  2.     You own the material and you have the right to submit it to us.
  3.     Ensure, within reasonable limits, that the material does not contain anything harmful, such as a virus, before the delivery of the material.

applicable law

Terms of Finnish law is applied and interpreted in accordance with Finnish law.

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