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Suncraft Senzo  Damascus Classic Chef's Knife  200mm

Suncraft Senzo Damascus Classic Chef's Knife 200mm


The Suncraft Senzo Damascus  Classic blade is composed of 33 layers of Damascus stainless steel with VG-10 steel as a center cutting core steel. As the cutting core steel VG10 is very hard it enables the knife sharpness to last longer. 

Round shape of black and brown pakkawood handle.

Overall length: 340 mm, blade length: 200 mm, weigth: 210 g

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The wave pattern on the blade, the feature of Damascus steel, looks Japanese in style as if the sharpness is same as traditional Japanese sword, Samurai sword.

Overall knife design is simply sophisticated. There is no rivet on the handle surface. Red ring between the blade and the handle catches eyes. Hammered pattern on the blade also helps the blade glide easily through food without sticking.


Cutting Board Arcos of cellulose fibre and resin, black in a box. The board is smooth and it is "knife friendly" Size 37,7 x 27,7 cm, thickness: 6,5 mm, weight: 963 g.

39,90 €
Delivery: 1-2 workdays

Elegant wooden knife magnetic knife holder made of bamboo.  Height: 22,2 cm, width: 21 cm, depth: 10 cm, weight: 1,4 kg

29,00 €
Delivery: 1-2 workdays

The cutting board are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe. Its perfectly smooth surface is ideal for the preparation and serving of food. Prevents at any given moment damage to the edge of the knives. Size: 33 x 23 cm, thickness: 6,5 mm, weight: 766 g.

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