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Yaxell Ran Damascus vihannesveitsi 12cm

Yaxell Ran Damascus Utility Knife, 12 cm


A small and light utility knife of the Ran series. This knife knife is a quality knife, extremely sharp and durable for professional use. The 69 Layers and it's beautiful design. Damascus VG-10 High Carbon Steel is enveloped by 34 layers stainless steel. The hardness is 61 HRC.

Total length: 23,5 cm, blade: 12 cm, blade width: 2,7 cm, blade thickness: 1,8 mm, weigth: 101 g

Delivery: 1-2 workdays

109,00 € Tax included



 Cutting Board Arcos of cellulose fibre and resin, black in a box. The board is smooth and "knife friendly" Size 24 x 14 cm, thickness: 6,5 mm, weight: 306 g.

18,90 €
Delivery: 1-2 workdays

Elegant wooden knife magnetic knife holder made of bamboo.  Height: 22,2 cm, width: 21 cm, depth: 10 cm, weight: 1,4 kg

29,00 €
Delivery: 1-2 workdays

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