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Victorinox Pizza Peel Small 43 x 25 cm black

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The Victorinox Pizza Peel is crafted from paper composite material that is dishwasher safe and heat resistant 175°C. With practical handle for easy carrying.

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49,00 €

Dimensions: 43,2 x 25,4 x 0,5 cm, weight: 467 g 

Make everyday kitchen tasks more enjoyable with the stylish and sustainable Pizza Peel, featuring a practical handle and bevel. Crafted from paper composite material, this cutting board is elegant and slim yet super durable. Offering a blade-friendly surface and 175°C/350°F heat resistance, it's perfect to prepare and serve your pizza like a pro. Offering a blade-friendly surface and 175°C/350°F heat resistance, it will be in use from chopping during meal prep to serving during dinner. Take your meals to another level.

The material is GREENGUARD 


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Product information
Model number: 7.4133.3
Weight: 745 g