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Lacor Carbon Steel Frying Pan, 32 cm

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Long lasting, resistant and perfectly non-stick when seasoned correctly. Perfect for cooking at high temperatures. 


Diameter 32 cm, bottom diameter 25 cm, heiight: 4,9 cm, volume 1,9 l.

The first thing you need to do is remove that coating. Simply follow the instructions that come with the pan. Once you've done that, wash the pan well. As soon as you've removed the protective coating and washed the pan, you need to dry it right away.

Then lightly grease a kitchen towel that you don't mind ruining with a neutral oil. Canola oil, vegetable oil, and grapeseed oil all work. Now rub that oil onto the pan, inside and out, making sure to buff away any excess until the pan looks dry. I can't stress this point enough: A heavy hand with the oil will mess up your seasoning, leaving you with a splotchy, sticky coating that can be difficult to fix. If you so much as wonder if you might have applied too much oil, I can guarantee that you have.

Beware, the pan will smoke heavily during this process, so open your windows, turn on your fans, and send your kids out to play.The smoking will eventually stop, which is a sign that the coating of oil has completed its transformation. How long this takes over a burner depends on the burner's heat output and the size of the pan, but it can be several minutes 

Continue applying those micro-thin layers of oil and heating them until they darken, over and over, until the pan is, at the very least, a dark shade of brown. That should be enough seasoning to start cooking.


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Product information
Model number: 63632
Weight: 1000 g