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MAC Chef Utility Knife, 13,5 cm

  1 reviews

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Mac Chef Small Utility Knife. Perfect for peeling and paring or slicing small fruits and vegetables on the cutting board.

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44,10 €   49,00 €

Features a pointed tip for fine work.

Overall length: 24,1 cm, blade: 13,6 cm, blade width: 2,6 cm, blade thickness: 2 mm,weight: 65 g.

Mac knives are accepted by professionals and also recommended to demanding home users. MAC offers razor sharp edges sharpened at 15 degrees. The improved Tungsten alloy provides a longer lasting edge and resharpening is easier.


  1 reviews

Pikku Mac

Näppärä ja terävä yleis/vihannesveitsi ????

Hjulmur -

Product information
Model number: HB-55
Weight: 200 g