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Samura Damascus Knife Set in a Gift Box, 3 pcs

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Samura Damascus Set, 3 knives with blades of 67 layers Damascus steel. The cutting core is VG-10 steel. Handles are G-10 fiberglass laminate


Any ordinary cooking process can and will be turned into a culinary experience only with the right tools that are a pleasure to deal with! 

The set includes: 

  • The Chef’s Knife 20 cm is primarily the most frequent and versatile tool in the kitchen.  It’s perfect for harder tasks, such as chopping, slicing, dicing or de-boning smaller cuts of meat. It’s also the number one must-have amongst men. This chef’s knife is thin and hard, which makes its performance even more remarkable than other knives in the same class. 

  • The Utility Knife 12,5 cm has a smaller blade length than the chef’s knife. It’s ideal for everyday tasks, from cutting sandwiches to slicing small and medium-sized meat. The main distinctive feature is that it’s amazing for fine slicing, making perfect, even potato chips and preparing various ingredients for further cooking.

  • The Paring Knife  9 cm is the smallest in this Samura Damascus family series and it’s a great multipurpose knife for peeling, cutting, coring or cleaning fruits and vegetables. It can delicately deal even with juicy products, such as berries for instance, and cut them without smashing or squeezing. 

All knives are made of extra hard 61-HRC steel, which is unbelievably durable and owing to which the knives will stay sharp for many years even with regular use.


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Product information
Model number: SD-0220
Weight: 700 g