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Samura DAMASCUS Utility Knife 125 mm

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Damascus Utility Knife blade is made of Damascus steel in 67 layers. The cutting core is VG-10 steel. The hardness is 61 HRC.

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58,00 €

Overall length: 245 mm, blade: 125 mm, weight: 100 g.

The Samura utility knife is made to cope with a variety of tasks, such as cutting, peeling, slicing and removing food from the shell or separating from bones. In other words, this tool is made for food preparation, decoration and everyday use in both the home and/or professional kitchen. 

The blade is made of extremely hard Damascus steel and reaches 61 HRC (Rockwell Hardness Scale). Another distinctive feature of this blade is its stylish texture pattern, which demonstrates 67 steel layers that were forged together. 

The handle of this remarkable Japanese tool is made of G-10 fiberglass polymer material, which can resist the hot temperatures of dishwashers and work for you for many years. 

You will immediately notice the difference between regular knives and Samura’s Damascus utility knife, the weight balance of which was adjusted perfectly. 

Moreover, considering the great ratio of price to value, this Samura knife makes an outstanding gift for pretty much anyone who enjoys the cooking process. This could be an excellent gift for a birthday, Mother’s or Father’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year and so on. 

It’s entirely up to you to decide who you would like to become the happy owner of this high-quality Japanese knife, which combines the best ergonomics, durability and performance!


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Product information
Model number: SD-0021
Weight: 200 g