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Victorinox Fibrox Chef's Knife, 25 cm

Victorinox | GTIN: 7611160501325

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The Victorinox Fibrox chef knife has a blade made of High Carbon Stainless Steel and it is razor-sharp upon delivery.

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47,00 €

Overall length: 38,5 cm, blade: 25 cm, blade width: 5,3 cm, weight: 190g.

The upward curve of the knife’s edge allows a rocking/chopping motion that enables fast, fine mincing of small foods such as garlic, herbs, or ginger. The wide, flat blade is also excellent for pressing or crushing garlic cloves and popping them out of their husks.  

The extra width also makes chopping larger vegetables easy because it keeps your fingers off the cutting board. In a pinch, it will even work for slicing and carving tasks due to its length and fine balance. For optimal cutting performance, try using a chef’s “pinch-grip” which brings greater control and efficiency when you slice, mince, or dice.


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Product information
Model number: 5.2003.25
Product identifier: 7611160501325
Weight: 300 g