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Westmark Picante Splash Guard Stainless Steel, 30 cm

  2 reviews

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 The splash guard is used on frier or sauce pan. It prevents the fat splashes to get on the stove although it lets the steam out.

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16,50 €

The Picante is an effective and very durable splatter guard. By placing the splash guard on a pan or pot, annoying grease splashes on the hob are significantly reduced. At the same time, you are protected from hot splashes and grease stains during cooking. In addition, your kitchen stays clean and tidy longer, freeing up your time.


  2 reviews
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Kätevä ritilä estää roiskeet hellalla.Tukevaa tekoa ja mikä parasta saa pestä astianpesukoneessa!

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Kätevä apuväline paistamiseen

Kätevä ritilä estää roiskeet ja pitää lieden puhtaana,ja mikä parasta ritilän saa pestä astianpesukoneessa!

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Product information
Model number: 1218 2270
Weight: 200 g